SEU - 2

SEU - 2

LED light power 40W
Accumulator operating voltage, V 12
Solar module capacity, W 270
Solar module dimensions, A two modules146х673х43
Accumulator nominal capacity, A/h 135
Accumulator Lead acid rechargeable battery,
AGM technology
Luminous flow, Lm 4000
KCC diagram type  - Wide (for street and road lighting)
- Cosine (for area lighting)
Protection class  IP65
Minimum (garanteed) storage life, years  5
Service life during the storage life, years  3

Серия установок, предназначенных для освещения территорий

SEU-2 - demands installation on existing supports
SEU-2U - outdoor version, completed with a 6m high support.
SEU-2M - mainline version, completed with a support of 9m high.
SEU-2P - SEU-2 unit equipped with a rechargeable battery heating system.

Depending on the tasks and operating conditions, the SEU can be equipped with the following components:

Solar module
Accumulator charge controller
DC protection device
AC protection device
AC / DC inverter
Remote control device
 Rechargeable battery
A set of fasteners for SEU installing at the facility
Energy consumer (LED street light, navigation sign, etc.)

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